The Simpsons' movie and the coming of HD

I was watching some trailers at Apple's Quicktime trailer website [qt] and was impressed by the quality of the HD content. The Simpsons trailers looked incredible, and even the new Fantastic Four movie got me excited when I could watch the Silver Surfer in all its highly defined glory.

Now this won't make the movies any better, but oh my the Simpsons have never looked so good as they do in these trailers. I'm excited for the day that all television is filmed for HD and all television are HD. A few shows, Hockey Night in Canada and the CSIs for instance, are already HD with my Shaw box but not enough is. When it is it's very pretty.

Now all I need is a better television. One of these days.

*Note the Youtube version of The Simpsons' trailer is not nearly as beautiful as the HD one on the Quicktime site. Go watch it if you can.