The Emerald City Comic Convention Day

Inside the convention #1

Today was the first day of the Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle. I left Jeff's apartment about noon and went to QWest Field where the con is being held. First thing I had to do was wait in a long line for the ATM machine. Then I got in and waited in a long line to meet Brian Michael Bendis, a long long line. I had about five or six books for him to sign, since he is by far my favorite writer right now, but what took so long was that some people had boxes of comics for him to sign. I'm all for artists signing more than one book, but when you bring two copies of every book someone has ever written and expect to get them signed that's fucking annoying.

Bendis was a good sport and seemed to sign pretty much everything people gave him, but to have to wait in the line while some guy got fifty books autographed was really annoying. The fact that I was once again behind that guy in the line for Mark Bagley drove me insane. I had one book for Bagley to sign but I got to watch him do about fifteen minutes of signing for one guy. Things worked out better for Mark Waid and Greg Rucka where I ended up the second person in line when they returned from lunch, thus avoiding a long wait.

Everyone that I got autographs from seemed really friendly, even if they didn't really have time to do much other than say hello and nod. Rucka was nice enough to actually personalize my autograph which I think more people should do to cut down on eBay sellers. Tomorrow I'll look around the vendors booths a bit more. I wanted to buy a sketch from Alex Maleev, and I still might, but he's sort of European and scary. I'm sure he's not really scary, but still. I'll try tomorrow.