Day one of avoiding the fryer

Lunch / Supper

Lydia and I were talking last night and I discovered that she eats chocolate nearly every day. That surprised me, since even though I'm not the poster boy for healthy eating I really don't eat much in the way of sweets.  Yes I eat nearly everything fried, but candy and chocolate while lovely isn't something I eat a lot of.

So I challeneged her to go a week without eating chocolate, and in exchange I promised to go a week without eating anything fried.  That was last night, and in order to ensure that I'm keeping my end of the bargin I'm going to try to blog everything I eat so that there can be no question that I'm eating right.

Tonight on my very late lunch break I went to White Spot and had the pictured teriyaki chicken with roasted potatoes and veggies.  Right now it's sitting uncomfortably in my stomach because once again I don't have access to a washroom while at work and so I'm going to be involved in a mad dash to the Hotel Vancouver in about forty minutes.

Which is the polite way of saying I really need to visit a washroom. 

For Lydia's version of events visit her blog [iatl].