Going to Seattle for Emerald City

Batman by Alex Maleev, originally uploaded by namathon.

This week I'm working my usual days off because I'm going to be going down to Seattle on the weekend for the Emerald City Comic Convention [ecc]. I went last year but this year seems like it's going to be much more awesome given that my favorite comic writer Brian Michael Bendis is going to be there, and this time I know what to expect.

Last time I was a bit disapointed because it seemed more focused on people selling merchandise, there were like a billion tables selling Marvel Legends toys, and not as much on the comics. The only autographs I bothered to get last were Alex Maleev and the Luna Brothers.

This year there's more people whose work I'm familiar with attending. I might also spring for a sketch, though I'm not going down with too much money since I'm saving for Europe and my car insurance next month.