Quick hits from the silence

Self portrait #3

I've been a bad blogger for the last little bit, letting both this site and Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv] slide a bit. Today I'm going to try to get back on the horse and get some posts online and get back into your lives. For now though I've got a few quick hits to satisfy your prying eyes.

- In regards to Philip Link's lawyer's letter to eVent! in regards to the fact that I said he was charged with assualt and that fact was disputed [jks], well evidently the evidence I provided was enough to get eVent! to repost the article [ep] back up on their site. I can't go into to specifics but all you need to know is on this video [bctv]. I like the part where Philip Link (gotta improve that Google ranking) can't deal with being questioned and freaks out at the hot reporter on the telephone. That they legal team seems to be putting the full court libel chill press on the student press over this same issue is somewhat distressing.

- Partly to avoid any CFS retribution (severed horse heads in the bed, mass rallies outside my apartment, baseball bats to the knees and whatever else they might have in store for me) for the above paragraph, but mostly 'cause we wanna, Lydia and I will be in Europe for May. London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona will be our playground as we frollic like Francis Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald through the old countries [gb].

- I have to give big props to Curtis Seaman an old OKM friend for helping me out last month. I intended to do a full blog post about it, but that was when I was being a bad blogger so this is all he gets for now. Curtis and I took the same bus to and from school for most of high school and we were generally the last two people left on that bus as it wound up Lakeshore Road to the darkest regions of Kelowna. Curtis was the last stop and I was usually the second last stop. We had first got to know each other during Mr. Rawson's English 8 Class when we would be allowed to go work on our own in the common room instead of reading during class because we both generally had already read ahead.

Anyway I needed my passport paperwork signed and since I was in Vancouver where I don't know any doctors, lawyers or mayors, I was grateful when Curtis a member of the Vancouver Police Department came by the apartment to sign. Soon I'll be allowed to leave the country. Europeans beware, I'm coming and Hell's coming with me.

More blogging soon?  You bet, I've got the taste of human blood now I'll keep coming back for more.