Threading dream

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I had a dream about threading film through the projector at the Uptown Theatre last night.  I had stopped in to say hello to Katie and everything was going to Hell because she had not threaded up properly and Rick had already gone home.  So seriously I dreamed of threading up the left projector at the now defunct Uptown for what seemed like half an hour. 

I'd get the film playing and get Katie to call everyone back to their seats and then the film would wrap and I'd have to go back through the entire process again to find where she had fucked it up. 

Now I wake up with a massive headache after that nightmare.  And it was a nightmare because I had to force myself awake just as I do when I have nightmares.  What a way to spend a night's sleep, working for free for Landmark.

Note:  This is a picture of the projector at the Capital Theatre in Westbank. The Uptown Theatre projectors were much older.

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