Another Final Fantasy concert

The other night Lydia and I went to the Centre for the Performing Arts downtown to see a union funded concert that was apparently to stop the government from privatizing BC Hydro. How having a free concert was going to stop that from happening I'm not sure, but since Final Fantasy was there so were we.

We caught three of the four acts and the only one worth talking about was Final Fantasy. The previous two were old folkies who appeal to that sort of wealthy over-50 crowd that you see manning the telephones on funding drive for PBS when in fact you're trying to watch the Red Dwarf marathon.

It was completely obvious within about three minutes that they did not get Final Fantasy, a one man band, nor did they want to get him. So by the end of his set, the final set of the night, the auditorium was quiet empty and those that had braved the full concert seemed more confused than anything.

The show we saw at UBC in the winter was a much better audience, and a longer show. Still Lydia was glad to see him again and once again I realize that he's got some fiddle moves that one.