My ears. My poor, poor ears.

Really Loud
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Back almost two years ago I developed tinnitus after a Duran Duran concert [jks][jks].  I visited Graham's dad, who at the time was my GP, and he basically said that it would either go away on its own or not go away ever.  Nathan's dad apparently has it as well, and as of March 2005 it still had not gone away following his going to a Guess Who concert.  Eventually it faded away and was not a problem again until yesterday when it's come back strong.

This time the ringing is in the right ear, I believe it was in the left last time, but it's making me quite grumpy.  The store being made nearly entirely of glass and concrete is echoes loudly at the best of times when it gets busy, but add my current hearing issues and it's a bit of a nightmare trying to hear customers.  It's also given me a nearly full time headache, which is a nice touch.

I had considered calling in sick to work this morning, especially given that there's three of us working today, but I was sick last month for a few days with a flu/cold combo so I didn't want to be sick again.  Besides I can't be sick on the weekend.  So I'll just tough it out.