The 90s is the new oldies

At work today I was listening to a Supergrass track on [lf] when my co-worker Mike asked what kind of music I liked.  After saying that I liked stuff like that, alternative music, he agreed that it was good and he liked it as well.  It just happens to turn out that our opinion of how to classify that music is quite different.

Mike: I like Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and all that oldies stuff.

Me:  ...

Oh I feel old.  Not only would I consider Bryan Adams and Phil Collins to be a part of the 1980s, rather than the 1990s' like Supertramp, to hear the sort of music I like described as "oldies" was a blow to the part of my ego that would like to believe that I'm still young, cool and hip.  I mean I like The Beatles, they're oldies, the 1990s' isn't oldies... Right?