The one where I didn't meet David Suzuki


Last night Lydia and I went to her Christmas party for the David Suzuki Foundation [dsf].  She volunteers for them every Tuesday so they invited her along with all the other volunteers and staff out to Steamworks in Gastown.  I'd stood in Steamworks before, though always failed to get in because I've only tried going there on special event nights and holidays like St. Patrick's Day when they were packed to the rafters.  The party was probably pretty fun if you knew people, but Lydia didn't really and I for sure didn't so we left after about an hour.  I didn't even get to meet David Suzuki.

On the way home we stopped at Urban Fare [uf] which Lydia loved since it reminded her of the grocery stores we saw in France.  It's not a wonderful price, but it's on my way home from the Skytrain station and so convince often wins out over frugality though truthfully it's not that much cheaper than Safeway. 

Lastly Lydia's grandfather is on Wikipedia [wp].  Go look him up.  On day I hope my grandchildren will be able to read about me on Space Wikipedia which will  be part of Web 25.0.