Spice Girls, Metroblogging Vancouver and eVent! magazine: what I've been up to online


A few quick links to stuff that I've got going on around this the world wide web of internets, and then maybe some real blogging later on today after work sometime.  This is just a taste to hold you over, to get you in the mood for some real blogging.

- Lydia and I went to the Spice Girls last night at GM Place.  A complete review is up at Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv], but the quick feedback is that I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I thought I would and it was actually quite fun.

- Metroblogging Vancouver is looking for authors.  If you live in Vancouver and would like to be part of the city's finest group blog then check it out here [mbv].  It's a great way to expose your writing to a very large audiance of readers, and it's really a fun experiance.  I've been blogging there for two years now and I still enjoy it a great deal.

- Meanwhile eVent! magazine has most of my recent articles online including one about the enviroment [em], Radiohead's In Rainbows [em] and kid friendly website / mmorpg Club Penguin [em].