It's Boxing Day and we're not offering any sales


Boxing Day brings Boxing Day Sales, which means that the mall is open two hours earlier than it is any other day of the year.  Stores like Lululemon and Zara have had lines out their door for their sales, which mostly consist of things that were already old stock and on sale but they've just taken another 10% off, but we don't have anything on sale so we're pretty much sitting here.  We're trying to invent a game to play with a rubber ball about the size of a tennis ball, so far it's a combination of soccer and basketball.

Christmas was good, I got some swell stuff including The Complete Calvin & Hobbes collection (pictured above), and there were no tears this year which is a nice change.  I'm so full of turkey I probably won't need to eat another meal until well into 2008.  I've made a Flickr set with my photos of the day [fkr], so if you want to pretend you had Christmas with us you can do that virtually.