Best wishes from a wishing wisher

Car in the snow

I woke up today and my car was covered in snow! Also it was no longer in my underground parking lot, but in my parents' driveway in Kelowna! Also so was I! Also there was snow in Kelowna! Also much of what I have previously written in this post has been complete poppycock! Total rubbish!

No I didn't magically get teleported to a wintery Kelowna wonderland overnight, nor did I drive there. Are you mad! I've got to work Boxing Day and also there's a global warming thing going on, we're not going to see snow south of Yellowknife again in our life times.

Anyway I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays! There, you've read it, you can't un-read it. You've been wished at. And I bet you thought you'd not have to go through that again since President Bush outlawed genies in 2002. No such luck.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Also of your hair, because truly isn't our hair our best friend?

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