On the edge of a new frontier

I love Darwyn Cooke's comic mini-series The New Frontier [wp]. Frankly it's by far my favorite thing that DC comics has ever published, unless you're going to pedantic and force me to include their Vertigo line with titles like Y: The Last Man. Still The New Frontier is to me the perfect imagining of the DC super hero universe, far better in my opinion than Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns [wp] which gets all the fanboy love for making Batman crazy and having Ronald Reagan in it.

Maybe it's because I'm a history nut, and The New Frontier just reeks of the 1950s' and '60s, its very title is a reference to a speech by John F. Kennedy which is quoted in the comic. And though I'm a Marvel fan at heart, I've always enjoyed DC's animated efforts more than Marvel's. The Paul Dini / Bruce Timm partnership which spawned the Batman animated series in the 1990s' and lead to the Justice League: Unlimited show set the bar for how comic books should be adapted to animation.

Thus I'm ridiculously excited for the animated DVD of the series that's coming out next year. The collected Absolute Edition sits on my living room table, and I'm hoping that they can capture the feeling of reading the book to the television screen.

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