The Great LG Shine Caper

Greatmuppetcaperbv01Yesterday I had a phone stolen from me at work.  During the holidays theft goes up quite a bit and we're constantly being reminded that each and every customer is a possible master thief waiting to pounce.  That's sort of overstating it, but yesterday I was tricked by a sticky fingered slight of hand artist.  Either that or I'm just thick.

The short of the long of it is that the customer's debit card would not swipe and when he went to go to a nearby cash machine he palmed the phone without me noticing and took off.  Seeing the video it was clear that a) I need to lose weight and b) he was planning on taking the phone when he walked in.  The odd thing was his identification he used for the credit check seemed real, and so if anyone knows an Aldwin Plan either he's got one of my store's phones and is a dirty thief, or someone has swiped his driver's licence and BC ID card and is stealing phones under his name.

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