Interviews, holidays and working until 11

It's December, which means it's the end of the year sales push, both because the Christmas season is a big part of our sales, but also because December is the last chance that we get to meet our yearly sales quotas.  After not reaching the highest commission bracket for the last few months I'm under extra pressure to do well, if only to pay my own bills.  Everyone at the store is working six days a week for most of December, so it sort of feels like I'm living in the store and sleeping on the SkyTrain.

Meanwhile the job hunt is still going on.  On Tuesday I had step three of the multi-step interview process with Flight Centre.  This was a group interview, so it was about an hour and a half with myself and two others applying for a sales position with the travel agency.  I felt that both it and the telephone interview went exceptionally well, but today I heard back from them that they weren't interested either in hiring me or having me do more interviews.  So all my dreams of cheap travel and wearing a smart blue shirt with red lettering are dashed.

In a way it was sort of a blessing though.  I think the Flight Centre job would have been a nice change from cellular, but really it would have been doing the same work just selling different coloured widgets.  I like travel well enough, but unlike say working at the Apple Store [mbv] it's not really something I'm incredibly passionate about.  I was worried that I'd be offered the Flight Centre job, since again I feel I did amazing and with nearly a decade of commision sales experiance I've got a good background, before I had a chance of hearing from some of the jobs I really wanted.  Specifically the newspaper job in Chilliwack.

On the topic of working today is my first in a run of shifts that go from 3pm to 11pm.  So far actually I'm liking it more than 1pm - 9pm, since it means less time with too many staff on the sales floor, and it feels like I can accomplish a lot more before work than I can when I work at 1.  Still this run of shifts goes almost until Christmas Day, so I'm pretty much going to be out of contact until then. 

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