Three things I'd do to improve Facebook

Facebook on Music
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I like Facebook, I use it all the time. Still it's not perfect, and a few small things could really improve the user experiance. Here are my three suggestions for Facebook to make it better.

3) The infamous "is" in Facebook's status updates is probably the most mentioned flaw for the service. It's a weird grammatical thing and taking it out would free people up on their status updates. It's been mentioned by pretty much everyone though.

2) Being able to opt out of invitations to third party applications would be nice. Having to manually decline dozens of invitations to become a zombie or vampire or join a lotto is really annoying after awhile. Also being able to not have other applications clutter my news feed would be nice. Frankly I like to know when my friends start dating a new girl, get a new job or go to a concert, but I don't care if they've become a 8th level zombie or have a new Funwall post.

1) Allow greater control over who can read what. You can hide your full profile from people, but let's say you post a status update about looking for a new job, it would be nice if that could hide that from your current boss.