In the tall grass of the job hunt

Me the Simpson me anyway

I've been on the hunt for a job for some time now, almost six months.  Truthfully I've not been sending out resumes everyday, but rather focusing on certain jobs that I'd really like to have.  Still I'm starting to get a bit antsy, and today I sent out another batch of resumes.  Looking for work though is an incredibly soul crushing undertaking similar to trying to get oneself a girlfriend and for this Craigslist just doesn't seem to be helping out [jks].  It would be bad enough if I'd get into the interview process and fail, but I'm not even getting calls.  As far as I know my email is going right into the recycling bin at corporate headquarters.

Does anyone have an job hunting advice?  Anything that maybe is so simple that I've overlooked, or so secret and hidden that I'd never have thought of it on my own?  I've uploaded a PDF file of my resume that I did up for one of my job applications, this was for Bioware in Edmonton, so you can judge my resume ability.  Clearly it's video game heavy given that Bioware's a video game company.  I do reformat and refocus resumes to suit particular employers, so I'm not a complete fool.

Right now inside the Keebler Cookie Company:

Why is this Jeffery Simpson listing all the video games he plays?  He hasn't mentioned enjoying chocolate chip cookies once, nor has he mentioned being able to work well with mythical elves as part of our baking process.  Kevin make sure we do not call this person, he's clearly not interested in either cookies or elves.

Well okay, me being a complete fool, that's debatable.

Download biowaremarketing.pdf

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