Four years with Typepad

Family Christmas in Kelowna (2003)

Today marks the fourth year that I've been blogging here at and with the hosting service TypePad.  I'd been blogging for a few years before on a site called uJournal, which was sort of like LiveJournal but more emo, and even had a fairly terrible early blog / music page that ended up morphing into a Matthew Good Band fansite with terrible layout [tck].  I also had my online column, which was sort of bloggy, even though that word wasn't around then [sbol].  After the second time that uJournal deleted all its users blogs without warning or backup I decided to make a fresh start here and register my domain name.

The $1.34 I've made in Google Adsense has in no way offset the cost of the site, but that's okay.  It's one of the very few chances I get to be creative these days and without it I'd probably be running through the streets of Vancouver naked shouting Beatles lyrics at the top of my lungs... more often.

For four years here are four reflections on the early days of

4) What?  We're still in Iraq?  I guess I'm still adapting to the fact that the War on Terror is perpetual and going to last forever but the fact that America is still struggling to control Iraq is surprising [jks].  Don't worry I'll settle into the new reality in a few more years.

3) I miss having a creative job.  My time at the Phoenix was the most rewarding and interesting period of my life.  Even late nights of Quark XPressing is missed now [jks].  I swear I'm not saying that because it gave me a socially acceptable reason to be a highly functioning alcoholic [jks].

2) OMG, I got myself a girlfriend!  How the fuck did that happen?  Clearly it wasn't my ad on Lavalife [jks].

1) Newfoundland is probably the greatest place on earth if you can survive the weather [jks].