They shot a movie once in my home town


I generally like living in a city where movies and television shows are filmed.  I don't work in the industry, but it's kind of cool to be able to spot locations from my everday life in the media I consume.  Watching Smallville and seeing the Vancouver library a few blocks from where I used to work is fun.  I don't mind the tax incentives given to studios to film up here, it's a generally clean industry and a better way to make money than running puppy mills or breeding dragons.

My enthusiasm does wane a bit when they install a giant flood light just outside of my bedroom window.  Thankfully they were shut down filming by just a touch after 11, otherwise the proximity of this light along with another pointed directly at my living room, would have gotten more annoying than it was.


I'm not sure what they were filming, though judging by the number of extras and police cars they were using I had the feeling it was a feature film as opposed to a television show.  The doorman at my building said it was something called Samuri Bride, but Google doesn't recognize that name (and if it's in production than it would be on IMDB).