Down by The Bay


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It's one of those ideas that for some reason look good on paper to management but everyone else can see it's a disaster three minutes into the explanation. For the holiday season the company has decided that we should erect a table in the mensware department of The Bay in the mall and try to sell phones from it. We're to sit here and sell phones to people who could just as easily, and more logically, go to one of the half dozen cell phone stores in the mall (including ours where I could be working, selling things and making the comission I need to pay rent and buy food).

It's not quite the disaster I first dreamed of when I heard the idea. Logistically everything seems sound, we've got a computer with net access and a decent point of sale terminal. That part, the actual selling of phones bit, seems to work fine. Seems to, since it's not like we've sold a phone from here all day.

So far I've explained that I don't work at the Bay so I can't answer questions about pant sizing four times, pointed at the escalators three times and told customers to see the customer service desk to see if the Bay is hiring twice.

I have spoken to one man about cell phones, he wanted to ensure that I knew that he had never owned a cellular phone and never would. Another man wanted the $100 Bay gift card we're offering, but didn't want anything to do with getting a phone either. He just kept insisting that since we were advertising it we had to give it to him for free.

The good news is in December I get to do this instead of having one of my days off each week. It's pretty magically delicious.

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