Work manages to get more awesome


All of the computers that we use in the store for everything that we  do from sales to customer service to fucking the dog on the internet are all networked through one machine. If that machine goes down  debate left with expensive word processors. Word processors that can not print.

Of course that one vital computer is the one that one of the staff turned into a bit torrent machine, filling of with music, movies, pirated software and of course viruses. Today is the third time this month that the Windows box died, and I've been away for a thrid of the month.

So that's fun.

The other thing of note is that the company that I work for have introduced a customer satisfaction portion to the paper work that we get the customers to fill out. Paper work that we watch the customers fill out and then the customers hand to us.

So far everyone has filled out straight 5s (the best rating) for all the sales staff. The reason that comment cards at resturants are done either through a drop box at the front of the resturants or the mail with prepaid postage, is that having the person you're rating watching you do the rating skews the results.

Maybe it's some kind of deranged psychological experiment like the CIA used to do back in the '60s.

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