A letter to Aaron

Aaron and Ryan in colour

I Facebooked a letter to Aaron Peck this evening, and enjoyed it.  It's a nice summary of a few things going on in the world of me so I figured I'd recycle it here.  See Lydia, your David Suzuki-ness is rubbing off.


Hey. You totally wrote me like two months ago and I've been a complete dick not writing you back.  Jesus, how do you put up with me? Maybe not believing in Jesus helps, because my more God fearing friends would have boxed my ears in long ago.

How are you? I think I've talked to you a total of three minutes since you've been back in the Vancouver Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Coca-Cola Sports Exposition. But don't worry, I've also blown off a UBC professor who wanted me to write a performance art piece for him so it's not just my friendships I'm neglecting but also my career.

How are things going? I turned 29. I'm sure you also turned something. Possibly 28. I wanted to throw myself in front of a train, but sadly/luckily there were no trains around at the time. A combination of hating my job, not having much money and not having the successful writing career I'd always imagined for myself drove me batty. But then I remembered, it's only cool if you're tied to a railway track by a man with a top hat.

These days I'm working nearly every night until 9 at Metrotown, which is the sales equivalent of having your soul sucked out of your head via a straw inserted in the nasal passage.  [REDACTED PORTION]

That's about it. I tried getting a job at Apple, but they offered it to two of my references. I'm trying to get a writing job at Club Penguin (in Kelowna), similiar to Delme who has a writing job at Webkins (?) in Toronto. Shit to get out of sales I've even thought about dropping a resume off at Starbucks. Maybe your sister can get me a job. Though not liking coffee might be a hurdle that I have to clear.

Don't worry I'm completely willing to get retrained ala A Clockwork Orange. We're supposed to call that re-education now, as opposed to brainwashing. Also make a note, it's not a taser it's a compliance appliance.

Anyway hopefully it doesn't take you as long to get back to me as it did visa versa. We should do something. Maybe even involve Nathan Carter if he's free.