New game: Find the apartment that I won't be able to afford to live in after this month


After my week in Ontario normal blogging should be resuming shortly.  That is however if I can find the time, with my days off for the month all gone I'll basically be alternating between a) Customer Service Mode and b) Sleeping Mode.  Ideally I'll also get into c) Sales Representative Mode so that I can eat, but so far that seems unlikely.  Christmas shopping needs to start soon for the residents of Metro Vancouver, or else I'll be eating Kraft Dinners.  The fact that I work the 1pm - 9pm shift all the time means that basically I've got no evenings.

I'm not the only one with worries of low sales and eating Kraft Dinner.  One of the other sales reps and the store manager just had a shouting match on the sales floor over who got to claim a particular sale, and thus who got paid for it.  Oddly enough I don't think the swearing helped since it seemed to clear the store of the few customers who were there in short order.

On a lighter side after nearly a decade working for Rogers I finally had someone come up to me and ask if they could rent a DVD from me.  I honestly have been waiting for this since I started working just out of high school back in Kelowna.  Shockingly it has never happened before today, though I've had all manner of even dumber questions asked. 

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