I've fled to the eastern lands


Gloaming all of my weekends for the month of November together managed to allow me to get a week free to travel to Ontario (Bracebridge) to visit Lydia's parents.  Lydia went a week before me, so she's here too. 

Bracebridge is a small town in the cabin country a few hours north of Toronto.  During the summer it's flush with tourists coming up from the big city to spend a little time with nature.  Lydia's parents run a motel there. 

I flew to Toronto from Vancouver, got picked up from the airport by Lydia and her mother.  We then drove to Bracebridge and I settled into one of the rooms at the motel.  The next day we just sort of relaxed around Bracebridge, walking to the nearby mega Wal-Mart was a highlight of the day.

Img_0984_3On the weekend we went to the nearby Enterprise car rental and got a car to drive to Montreal via the Algonquin Provincial Park [app].  We stayed at a hostel in Montreal and basically ate our faces off.  My favorite meal of course was Schwartz's the famous smoked meat deli.

After two days in Montreal we drove back to Bracebridge via Toronto, stopping at Eaton's Centre to visit with Delme.  Now there's a day and a half left here in Ontario before we return to Vancouver.  Return to a solid three weeks with no days off, as the mall gears up for the Christmas rush.

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