The light reminders of your forgotten dreams


I've been a bit lax on posting, because I just haven't had the time or desire.  Maybe it's the fall that starts me wanting to go into hibernation, but it seems like there's just not as many hours of the day as I need.  Last night I even started panicing about finishing my eVent! article on time which is somewhat insane since I had all day to do it.

November is probably going to be worse too.  In order to afford a trip I'm taking out east with Lydia I've had to give up all my weekends for the month, so after the week in Toronto and Montreal I'll be trapped in Metrotown until my skin goes (even more) pale and my brain drains out of my ears.  Or I might murder a customer.  Either way I won't have much free time.

Jail or Metrotown.  It's a hard choice.

At least I could afford the rent/mortgage in jail.  I missed my commission targets for September and again for October.  This paycheck I got $466, which is less than I made full time at the movie theatre which paid minimum wage.  My commissions would have been over $5,000 under the old company was $108 under the new company because of different targets (and payout levels so that even if I had hit all my targets it would have only amounted to $2,500).

Meanwhile the only bright spot of the last month, a chance to start doing some freelancing for The Georgia Straight, seems to have fallen through.  At least in jail I'd be able to finish my degree.