Shopping day

Lydia wanted to go to the H&M in Coquitlam, since it's been open for a few months and she hasn't been to one since Spain so that provided the motivation to hop into the Mini and head to Coquitlam Centre, and also the IKEA that's near there.

Lydia bought a dress and some other clothing items. I picked up a coat, socks, slippers and a tote bag. To add to my large collection of tote bags.

After driving around Coquitlam for about an hour searching we finally foumf the IKEA. At IKEA we tackled the no lights in my bedroom issue, though we weren't able to solve it. I didn't want to drill holes in the wall so getting spotlights to fit over the head of the bed was out, and instead for now we settled on a lamp. I also picked up some shelving units which wouldn't fit in the Mini so are being delivered tomorrow.

Now we're planning dinner, and hopefully an early bed.