Fancy new Beesley time

Neko Case :: Commodore Welcome my friends to the new and improved Okay, so how is it new, aside from the fancy new Beesley [os] layout? Well okay, that's about it. However having started to get back into the swing of blogging elsewhere, I'm hoping to be able to make posting here a far more regular thing.

Where else am I blogging? Well I can't give away that just yet, I'm going to wait until the site has been up and running for a bit before tooting my own horn on that one. Also having just reworked the layout here, I'm thinking that the new blog needs some layout help.

Still look for more regular posting, and hopefully some more cool stuff. Having just started using Mars Edit [me] I'm having some new fun doing something that I've been plugging away at for a long time now. Now if I can just hypnotize all my readers into clicking my Google ads I'll be set for life.

For life.