Don't speak

I haven't been able to talk for the last couple days. I've been able to rasp a bit, but because of a serious cold that I've been hit with I'm pretty much silent. When I was younger I had a vocal chord accidently paralyzed during surgery so now when I get a sore throat or cold it really does wonders to my voice. Even when I'm healthy people often ask me if I've got a cold or sore throat, so having one basically turns me into R2D2 and I'm only able to communicate through whistles.

If I'm not able to use my voice, then what am I going to do if someone breaks into my apartment and throws me off the balcony? Don't worry, Hollywood engineers will be able to overdub my fall with the Wilhelm Scream which is a very famous stock scream used in a lot of Hollywood movies. See the video below for a history, and worry not that my death from falling will be silent.