No matter what button I mash I lose

Sean came over last night after work and we set about on another one of our Sunday game nights.  Typically he omes over and beats me at whatever the latest release of EA's NHL series is, but last night we had Halo 3 and so there was a thaw in our cold war.  I'd already played for about half of the game, but with Sean in co-operative mode we managed to burn through it fairly quickly. 

Or rather if felt quick, by the time I glanced at the clock I realized that it was nearly midnight.  We squeezed a few games of NHL 08 in and of course despite never having played the game he beat me again, and again.  The first game I managed to keep within a goal, but the next he just worked me.  No matter what I did the Canucks just could not beat the Senators.

It was depressing as always.

Halo 3 is done. I'll play through on one of the harder settings later, but for now my attention is going to turn to Paper Mario (Wii), the new Metroid (Wii) and Bioshock (XBox 360).