The complete fraud pulls it off

So I did what I feel was a decent job speaking at the Canadian University Press regional conference at The Peak [tp] at Simon Fraser yesterday.  My Airport Basestation was being awesome so I couldn't print my talk out, so once again I had to read it off of my cell phone.  Thankfully the iPhone's screen is decent to read from even when your hands are shaking with presentation nerves.  Nobody from The Phoenix seemed to have gone to the conference, so nobody had any familiarity with any of my written work, given that it's mostly been published in Kelowna.


I did hopefully do some networking... or rather I met a guy who might be an opening to do some Vancouver freelancing which would be nice.  I'm also looking at a reporter's job in Parksville on Vancouver Island, which I mentioned yesterday.  Having said that the idea of moving isn't exactly appealing to me right now, but I do need a career boost.  And I'm willing to sleep with anyone to do it.  Well maybe not sleep with, but certainly flatter or give neck massages to.

I picked the above video up off of Neil Gaimen's blog [ng] and it ammused me a great deal.  The actors in it are also in the British version of the Apple/PC ads that John Hodgeman is in for the North American market.