Truth in advertising: Motorola Q


Motorola sent out non-working display units of their new GSM smartphone the Q to Rogers dealers this week, but while the Q might be arriving to Rogers a year after it was launched on Telus you can't fault Motorola's honesty. Since the Q has managed to get something of a reputation online as being a glitchy mess [yt] it was surprising that Motorola managed to point that out right on the box they sent the display units in.

The box is orange with white lettering featuring the sort of business phrases that Motorola assumes users will be texting to their co-workers. For the most part the phrases are uninteresting things like "I'm free", "Make it happen" and "What time is the show?" Then there's a few random internet words like "Facebook" thrown on there to show how hip and youthful the phone is since these days having their phones able to connect to Facebook is more important for a cellular company than not having the batteries explode during usage.


Where it gets funny is when after a closer look you realize that not all the phrases are the business gobbly-gook that you might hear on an episode of The Apprentice, but that a good many of them are the sort of error messages that really piss people off about their phones. "Message Undeliverable", "Please hang up and try your call again", "Mailbox full". The Q is Motorola's big iPhone/BlackBerry killer and if the experience of people with the CDMA version can be used as an indication coupled with this clear warning from Motorola's own marketing department, I think I'll avoid it.

Message Undeliverable