Bring me a banana and I will give you the world

Churchsign1Lydia and I braved Vancouver's snow yesterday to run errands and hit up the IKEA in Richmond. It was a good time, which we finished off by eating our first anniversary (of dating not marriage) dinner at Cassis. Of course our anniversary should have been on New Year's Eve but somebody got an upset stomach so we ended up throwing our plans out the window and sitting on the couch eating takeout Chinese [iatl].

Today we went to White Spot for a breakfast so filling I'm still full, and it's about 10:30 at night. However I guess part of the reason I'm not hungry is because I used my Magic Bullet [wp] to make myself smoothies using strawberry yogurt, frozen orange juice, a banana and ice. It was very good, and we'll have to have a magic bullet party sometime at my place where we'll have a studio audience and everything.

It will be awesome. I will give you a banana and you will give me the world.