John stops by

Ryan Corbett and Johannes Saufferer

I suppose it might be because we've hit a decade since graduation, but the topic of former OKMers keeps coming up.  First Graham and his secret baby [jks], and now Johannes Saufferer (the one on the right) shows up at my store to say hello.  He came by yesterday, and had I not discovered Graham's being a father I'd have blogged about it sooner.

Saufferer works near the store at an accountant's office where he's a consultant.  I think he works on the firm's flux capacitor, enabling the accountants to leap back and forwards through time conducting audits on both cowboys and colonists on the United Nations of America's Mars colonies.

On top of that thanks to Johannes' showing up I had weird high school related dreams last night, the cause of my looking up Graham's blog and discovering secret baby, that involved the Catholic Church (including a man in line to be the next Pope), several OKM '97 graduates and madcap antics.  It's time for a ten year reunion people, if only to get these damn dirty ape dreams out of my head so we can all go on with our lives.