A Sunday avoiding the score

Currently I've got the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Bolton recorded at home.  I'm at work in an empty store watching the traffic on Robson trying to deal with the fact that none of the traffic lights are working [mbv].  Since I'm taping the game I'm trying really hard to avoid going to a few of my favorite websites, because they'll have the results of the game posted.

It's a tricky wicket at they say.

For whatever reason I showed up at work twenty minutes early, so even though I'm only about 45 minutes into my shift I've been here over an hour.  This is problematic because I'm going out of my head due to boredom.  Hopefully a flood of people enter the store and want to buy things from me, because if I'm just going to be sitting on this stool watching cars not quite crash for the next six hours I'm never going to avoid checking out the score.