Should I get a dog?

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I've decided that I'd like to get a dog. Possibly a beagle, but that's not confirmed. It's also not confirmed whether or not I'll actually get a dog, or whether I'm just wanting one this month. However I have started to think seriously about it, though I have yet to answer the Dimitri Martin question of whether my desire for companionship out weighs my dislike of picking up shit.

There are a few questions that I'd need to answer before getting a dog, a few logistical problems to clear up first. The major one is that I work eight hours shifts, and that I generally can not get back home during lunch, so when I'm at work the dog would have about nine hours straight when it was locked in my laundry room. It would have food and water, but no walkies or bathroom trips, for most of the day. This is where being a two person dog team, ala Ryan and Ashley, would be good.

I've looked into things like doggie-daycare and walking services. It seems like it'll cost about $20 a day for those things. Adding to that the cost of food, vet bills and other costs that creep up when you're trying to keep a living thing alive, and it's not exactly a cheap prospect.

So does my need for canine companionship outweigh my distaste of picking up shit, and spending large sums of money on snausages?