Wii and me as an M&M

Mm Thanks to Neal's help I was able to get a Wii today.  Sadly I won't be able to play it for awhile since I'm trapped at work.  Work is slow so I'm not even having my mind taken off the awesome sauce that's awaiting me tonight.  Yup after my Dine out Vancouver date with Lydia it's home to play the Wii.

I was so excited that I turned into an M&M.  Actually I did not turn into an M&M, but rather used an online M&M creator to make myself a candy shapped avatar [bmm].  It'll be very useful, I'm sure. 

Tonight Lydia are going to Aurora Bistro for Dine Out Vancouver [dov] as I mentioned earlier.  It should be good, she's looking forward to it.  Lydia did all our Dine Out Vancouver planning this year, and we're hitting the resturants pretty hard going to a couple a week until the end of the the festival of food.  It'll be a really good way to find a few new resturants we like, so I'm not always trying to get her to go to the Rugby Club.

But the Wii.  Oh the Wii.  I can't wait.