It's Super Socco time!

SsAlmost two years ago I blogged about wanting to find a picture of the old juice box Super Socco [jks]. Apparently it's been the top result in Google for any search for Super Socco for some time, and oddly enough that drives a fair amount of Super Socco loving traffic to my site.

The juice box was much loved, much loved.

Thanks to an email that I received today, from someone I assume is either a reader or someone whose just emailing everyone about Super Socco, I got a link to a photo of not one but for Super Socco juice boxes. Expo '86 themed juice boxes no less.

So thank you, now I finally have something to back up my high ranking on the Super Socco Google search. It's been nearly two years, but the internet came through for me. First it provided me with a girlfriend via Craigslist, and now a picture of a now defunct juice drink. Huzzah!