The lost article: how newspapers are failing online

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Writing for eVent! I've only ever had one article turned away.  In it I basically said that there was no way that the newspaper business is going to be the same in ten years as it is today, and all the advances in production that came with the switch to digital from the old school methods of doing things, was nothing compared to the sea change that was coming not on the production side, but in the way people consumed and interacted with the news.  I'm not crazy enough to claim that in ten years there won't be printed versions of newspapers, but I do think that any publication without a good website is not going to be around.

Frankly most papers in Canada do not have good websites.  Kelowna's are especially dire, and it was my pointing that out that got the article returned with a polite rejection.  The article is up at my portfolio site [teotw] now.  I'm far more surprised that I had an article rejected for this as opposed to outright silliness or making fun of the tourism industry.  I'm not saying that newspapers are about to be replaced with blogs, but clearly the number of people getting their news from the internet is increasing and if traditional media outlets are more focused on protecting their content then providing readers with something worth their time. 

I can read the London Guardian for free online, or the CBC, and if The Kelowna Captial News or Vancouver Province is going to tell me "Ooppss, sorry why don't you try buying our paper?" I'm going to go elsewhere and next time I'm going to be looking for news, I won't even bother thinking about those non-web outlets.

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