A slow drift away from the iTunes music store

I'm going to talk about the iPhone later, I promise, but the other day I was going to buy some music on the iTunes music store and then decided that I should check to see if the albums were on Amazon [az]. They were, so I bought them that way. Now it's not instant, I have yet to recieve the CDs, but increasingly I'm going to try to avoid using the iTunes store when possible.

Why? I love the store, and it's the best way of getting music online aside from eMusic [em]. eMusic is great because it has no copy protection, you get straight MP3s, and so I can use them in pretty much anyway I want. I can put them on my BlackBerry Pearl [jks], I can upload them onto my Vox page [jks]. In the unlikely event that I decide to switch away from the iPod I can use eMusic's songs on any device I decide to buy.

The trouble is none of the major labels are on eMusic, it's all either old Johnny Cash or indie music. So for the U2, the Oasis, the Postal Service and the Streets and more I have to go to iTunes. Songs bought from iTunes only work on my iPods, my Macs and other Apple devices like the upcoming iPhone or the Apple TV. Unlike other stores I can rip the music to as many CDs as I want, back the music up in anyway that I want. It's more flexible than other non-eMusic deals but it's still not total freedom.

CDs are for the most part total freedom. I can get the top selling music that I want, and not be stuck in an indie label ghetto, and use the music in any method that I want. So I'm going to be using Amazon more and more, since their prices and selection generally trump any of Vancouver's stores.