Whispers of ten year reunions and secret eating

Vanessa has a new blog [vm].  She informed a handful of OKMers about it via an email which also documented her trip back to Kelowna to visit OKM.  She says, "Tonight I drank beer with Mr. Rever. (I had to call him John). He said he wanted an invite to our high school reunion. He said Dane Bird still owed him a beer from Grad."

Dane Bird.  Wow, one goes their whole post-high school life not thinking of Dane Bird and then pow it sneaks up to you in an email.  I wonder how he's doing, so I check Wikipedia but find that like me he has no entry.  I show up better, much better, in Google results though so I win.  Shazam!  As a Wikipedia side note though apparently the OKM motto is now "Failure is Not an Option", having changed from "Excellence Through Effort" or some such nonsense [wp].

Speaking of OKMers who have resumed blogging Karen Chow (Karen Wilson during our high school years) has gotten her blog back from some sort of spam ad agency that had taken it over so you can check that out here [kc].

On another note I'm working 10 am - 7 pm today and alone.  That means that I don't get a lunch break, so I've got a Ziplock bag full of cookies that Lydia [ls] baked for me hidden in the drawer beside my computer.  It's my breakfast and lunch.  Hmm... secret eating.

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