My job takes a turn for the worse

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There are good and bad points to my job. I generally like Rogers as a company, I like cellular phones and of all the Rogers dealers I've ever dealt with ours is generally the most honest, and "nicest". That doesn't mean that there are no unsatisfied customers, but in general we do things the right way and don't use drity tricks to get the sale unlike some places. Most of the employees are also much better trained than other dealers, and generally more helpful.

That's of course a biased opinion given that I work there, and I'm tight with the owners. Sadly recently things have gotten kind of retarded around here.  It all stems from a decision that was taken to hire a telemarketing firm. The firm is calling our customers and trying to sell them additional cellular phones and the new Rogers home phone service.

I hate telemarketing. If I walk into a Future Shop and am looking at televisions I understand that someone is going to come up to me and try to get me to buy one. I don't like the high pressure sales approach, which is why I try to be more laid back, but I understand it. What I don't like instead of me putting myself into a position to be sold to, the seller comes to me. I left the Bank of Montreal after twenty years because they would not stop telephoning me with new and useless services despite multiple requests. So the fact that we're doing it is sort of distressing, but would not really impact me in anyway if the process was going smoothly. It's not. A lot of my time has been spent dealing with customers who were sold phones but did not understand that they were getting a new contract, and a new line.

Then there's the home phone fiasco. A week ago I volunteered to process the home phone activations. It was basically supposed to be just data entry, and I'd get paid an extra $7 for everyone I processed. The cynical part of my brain said that there had to be a catch. The part of my brain that likes money did not listen and agreed. The cynical part of my brain is always, always, always right.

Of the twenty some customers that I've been given so far one had the correct information required for me to enter it into the computer, and the rest were either missing information or offered promotions and deals that do not exist. So I've had to call people, people who've already been hassled by the telemarketers, and tell them that guess what I need this information and oh by the way it'll be more expensive than they agreed to.

Needless to say it is awesome.