Memo to idiots: 9/11 actually happened

  Vancouver Art Gallery 
  Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I blogged about the protest outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery over on Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv] earlier.  The protest was by a group of people claiming that the September 11th attacks five years ago were faked and nothing but a media hoax used to give George W. Bush a free hand to invade Iraq.

I'm anti-Bush and have always been against the invasion of Iraq, but this sort of bullshit blows me away.  It's as sick as denying the Holocaust occured and as factual as claiming that unicorns live in an enchanted forest on the edge of town and grant wishes to all who seek them out.

I mean wow.

Anyway I didn't argue with the dinkwallets with signs, just came home to blog about it, but I'm still really blown away by it.  I knew there was people out there who believed this crap, but I didn't think they would ever actually do so in public.  I can't wait for a pro-child molester protest out front of the VAG.

Below is a video from the Penn and Teller series Bullshit debunking this nonsense.