New bio for Flickr

I decided to change a few of my bios around.  Here is the one I'm going to be using on Flickr [fkr].


Jeffery Simpson. Get yours at

My name is Jeffery Simpson and I'm a 27 year old freelance writer and blogger living in Vancouver, Canada. 

Currently I have a regular column in eVent! magazine [em] which is an arts and entertainment magazine published by the Kelowna Daily Courier that serves the Okanagan Valley.  I have previously written for the Kelowna Daily Courier,, the Peak, the Phoenix and several other publications.  I was a contributing editor to agent magazine which was Canada's first national monthly magazine owned by the very university students who made up its readership.  Many of my past articles can be found archived at [tew].

I blog at my own personal website [jks] and am captain of Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv].  Metroblogging Vancouver is a city blog that covers life in my city from the perspective of not only me but a large and diverse collection of other authors.  It's worth a look if you're a Vancouverite or simply interested in the city.

I make my money selling cellular phones for one of Canada's big cellular companies working at a store owned by my parents.  It's not a job I like, but it pays the bills for now.  I really want to make my living writing, or doing something creative.  Though all Bono needed was a red guitar, three chords and the truth, I sadly need money to afford food, lodging and clothing.  Until I write a novel and become wealthy I'll be scouring Craigslist for any freelancing jobs I can find.

Take care of yourselves, and thanks for wanting to learn a little more about me.