Kelowna: a hit and run story

Chad and Delme at Scandia

Having worked on my days off for the last few weeks I decided to take three days at the start of August to really enjoy the summer in Kelowna.  So while three days might not be enough time to really grab that apple of life and bite deeply into it, it was certainly a nice break.

Lydia and I started the break in the late afternoon on Tuesday.  There was a bit of controversy since she was hoping and expecting to get the holiday started around nine or ten in the morning and it was quite a bit afterwards before we were all loaded up in my Mini and on our way.  Thanks to some pretty slick driving on my part we made up for some lost time and arrived in Kelowna in the early evening.

That night we went to Duck Lake with my parents.  My uncle Greg is in town for a few weeks from Calgary and his family is renting a cabin on that lake so we headed there for barbaque steak and chicken.  The food was good, we played some bocce ball [wiki].  Lydia and I lost to Greg and my dad but I think Lydia really enjoyed the sport and she's wanting to get a set.

I drank a bit too much white wine, a fact that I blogged about earlier [jks]

The next night we met up with Chad and Delme (pictured above).  After a surprisingly good Italian meal at East Side Mario's we went to Scandia Golf and Games and renacted the typical night out for Kelowna teenages by drinking beer in the parking lot and going to play eighteen holes of mini-golf.