The down count begins

Less than a month before I start full time at the downtown store. I've been at this mall location for over a year and it's starting to wear me out.

Before this I used to always want to work at a mall, figuring that Orchard Park had to be one of the prime working locations in Kelowna. The mall provides all your needs, and parking and food finding are never a problem.

Of course that was not the case, as parking ended up being more of a hassle at the mall than I ever experinced working downtown Kelowna and the food court is as limiting as any other collection of resturants.

I spend the next five days at Metrotown before spending 2 weeks at Oakridge and then downtown for good. At that point my 7 day work weeks will end as well, which will be nice.

Nice? Hell it might be the only thing that keeps me sane. So once the move goes through look for an uptake in blogging regularity and some other cool stuff.