The new jogging shoes

Picture_2_1Despite the fact that I'm low on funds and have started to cook as a cost saving measure I bought a new pair of Nike shoes yesterday. The shoes, in a classic geeky Kelly move, link up with my iPod. The iPod link allows my iPod nano to track the distance, calories and speed of my jogging and walking. I wore them today to walk to work and just now finished fifteen minutes on a treadmill in the apartment complex's workout room.

The device is good, and it allows me to track my progress on a special Nike website. Plus it allows me to set goals for myself which then it rewards me for achieving by releasing tiny food pellets from a chute that goes into my cage.

No wait, that part is bullshit. Really though it's a personal goal tracking thing. As I try to get in better shape and lose the pounds I figured it might be handy. I will never like jogging but if I can turn it into some sort of geeky statistical exercise then I might start finding it bearable.

First off I set a goal for myself to burn 900 calories in the next 28 days. That's going to prove to be too easy since just fifteen minutes on the treadmill at a moderately high speed (running speed for me) burnt about 150 calories. So if I jog once every two days I'll be through the 900 calories in no time.

That's the real goal, to jog for at least half an hour every two days. If I do that and some weights for another half an hour I should start getting into shape. Then people will love me once again. Except for Lydia, she already loves me but I think she needs better glasses/contacts.