The one where my head is set to 'splode if I go slower than 30 km/h

Valley View
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Maybe it was the glass of red wine I had at dinner, the fact that I had trouble sleeping last night or that I'm at work two hours early but whatever the case my head feels all swollen up.  Maybe it was arguing on Metroblogging Vancouver with a pompus duuffer [mbv] or that glass of red wine I had for dinner but as I said me head feels like it wants to 'splode.

I had gotten up early, though not as early as I had intended, in order to do some chores around the apartment that I had been putting off due to my work schedual.  You know simple things like vacuming and washing my dirty clothes, but instead I got called in early and lost the two hours I had set aside for to be Mr. Clean.  I know I'll get them back at the end of my shift, but after an eight hour shift and the commute there's no gas left in the tank to be spent on the little things like not putting shit up in a pile.

I need a few days off both to just relax without having to worry about work or anything else except for cleaning.  However Lydia and I decided that this would be a good week to go to Kelowna so the next few days will be filled with driving to and fro.  Kelowna should be relaxing though, laying in the sun or the shade and just being chill.  Not quite sure what we've got on our social calander but I'm sure we'll have some time to see peoples.

We'll have a ho-down at the ol' Grey Barn.  Won't you come?