Can I get this cheaper somewhere else?

Maybe it's a downtown thing, maybe it's a Vancouver thing but in Kelowna which is a city that is famous for having residents who are stingy, I was never asked the question "Can I get this cheaper somewhere else?"

Metrotown you get a few people trying to bargin with you, but rarely will someone ask you point blank where they can buy your product cheaper, but downtown I get it at least once a day. 

"Would this be cheaper somewhere else?"

What do you say to that? 

I could lie and claim that our price is the lowest they could possibly find.  I could help them find a cheaper price, because there's always another dealer willing to cut deeper into their margin to make a sale. 

The answer of course is to make a value based argument to justify the price, but at a certain point when you're arguing over a $30 charger that they need for their phone the argument is fairly clear, they need it and it's $30.

I also dislike the barginers.  A certain amount of deal making is okay, that's fine.  Most of the time I'll do a bit of a deal for someone on the cost of a phone if I can if they ask.  However at a certain point it has to stop.  Case in point yesterday.

A man comes in and wants to buy a phone from us outright, which means he pays full price because he doesn't want a contract.  It's a really popular phone and we hardly have any in stock so I'd rather save it for people doing new contracts because we have contract quotas, but money in the hand is better than possible future money.  So I tell him it's $525 because it's the deluxe phone.

He asks for a deal and I say that I'll do it for $500.  He says he wants to do it for $450 and he'll buy it then if I do it at that price, and I say no.  Pointing out that he saw it at another store for $450 doesn't work on me, because I tell him that he should probably buy it there because that sounds like a heck of a deal.  He honestly tried to get me to sell it to him for $450 for half an hour before he gave up and agreed to $500.

Now here is my thing.  You want to ask for $75 off of something, that's great.  Maybe some days I would have done it.  But after I flat out say, "I am not selling this phone to you for less than $500" take the hint and stop ten minutes into the argument as opposed to thirty.