Cross border shopping

The Peace Arch
Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Yesterday was hot (34 degrees C according to my car's thermostat), today is apparently going to be hotter possibly a record for Vancouver. Thankfully my Mini has air conditioning, otherwise the hour Lydia and I spent in line at the Peace Arch border crossing would have probably killed the two of us.

As it was our day drive back and forth to Bellingham was really nice. Lydia wanted to hit up Target and I was happy enough to tag along, looking at iPod stuff and toys in the Bellis Fair Target while she shopped for clothes. Then because she had agreed to earlier we ate at The Olive Garden [wiki] before returning home.

As much as she wanted to dislike it, I think she may have actually liked The OG, despite her hate of chain type resturants. When we got back to Vancouver she dragged me outside to throw a disc back and forth in the park beside the Bayshore, and that was my one day weekend.